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Inspection and unloading inspection of prison assembly

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     Dock handling is an important part of sea transportation.Whether the loading and unloading operation is correct or not directly affects the quality of loading and unloading, and is related to the safety of voyage and the smooth delivery.

     In order to help you ensure the quality of the goods at the dock, hansmann will provide customers with rigorous supervision and unloading services according to the dock handling process.Our inspectors will visit the site of the terminal to check whether the containers or goods are in good condition, verify whether the number of containers/goods, labels, packaging materials and other requirements are consistent with the order, and ensure that the preparation work is fully in place before the handover, so as to reduce the accident and risk during the handover of goods.We can take relevant video or pictures as evidence according to customer's requirements.

Our services include:


      Ensure that the loading is done under reasonable conditions, such as suitable weather conditions, proper loading tools and complete loading, stacking and bundling plan.

      Confirm whether the cabin environment is suitable for the storage of goods, verify the rationality of adjacent goods layout.

      Verify that the quantity and model of the goods are consistent with the order to ensure that there are no omissions.

      Ensure that stacking or stacking of goods during loading does not cause damage to the goods.

      Supervise the entire loading process, record the distribution of cargo in each hold and any accidental damage to cargo on site.

      Confirm the quantity or weight with ship immediately after loading, and obtain confirmation and sign documents.

The unloading

      Open the cargo space to check the storage status.

      Ensure proper conveyance or conveyance is in place before unloading.

      Ensure necessary cleaning and preparation of unloading site.

      Sampling quality inspection will be conducted on the unloaded products, and sample testing service will be provided for some products.

     Verify the quantity, volume or weight of the unloaded product.

      Ensure that the temporary storage area is properly covered, fixed and stacked for subsequent transfer operations.


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