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Tanzania PVoC/CoC certification

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       Tanzania PVoC/CoC certification profile

       The executive director of Tanzania's national bureau of standards (TBS) has issued an official confirmation that this conformity assessment process (PVOC) can be implemented and implemented.All controlled products covered by PVOC procedures must be inspected for compliance with tanzanian national standards and other recognized standards on the basis of which a product conformity certificate (COC) is issued.

      From February 1, 2012, Tanzania will implement Conformity certification of products - COC, whose name in English is Certificate of Conformity, belongs to pre-shipment inspection.All products listed in the controlled catalogue in Tanzania need to apply for COC before shipment, otherwise they cannot be cleared at the destination port.Different from the previous shipment inspection in Tanzania, the Tanzania COC needs to apply before shipment. Once the goods have left the port, the COC cannot be replenished.In addition, Tanzania COC needs to submit the product test report and other materials for document review. Only after the review is passed can the pre-shipment inspection be arranged and the COC certificate be obtained.

     The certificate of conformity (COC) is the necessary document to ensure the smooth customs clearance of the goods. This certificate certifies that the products comply with relevant tanzanian technical regulations and national, regional and international standards.Failure to submit a conformity certificate issued by the inspection agency may result in customs clearance delays or fines or even goods being returned to the exporting country.


    Controlled products covered by PVoC in Tanzania:

    Machinery and equipment

    Everyday items



    Chemical products


    Office equipment

    Adult supplies

    Electrical and electronic

    Kitchen and bathroom products

    The container

    Clothing textile luggage shoes

    Automobile and motorcycle accessories

    Second-hand products and other non-tanzanian products are prohibited from import


    Tanzania PVoC certificate processing process:

    1. The materials provided by the customer include invoice & packing list, product testing report, PVOC application form

    2. Material review

    3. Arrange the inspection date after the materials are approved

    4. After passing the inspection, the customer shall provide the final commercial invoice and packing list and arrange the issuance of the certificate


    Tanzania PVoC certification cycle

    (1) audit time: 2-3 working days (according to product name and quantity, audit time may be extended)

    (2) inspection time: according to the inspection department and customer's specific itinerary to determine the site inspection date.

    (3) certification time: after the inspection, we will give the client the confirmation of the draft in 3 working days.

    Tanzania PVoC certificate:

    1. Validity of test report

    (1) for disposable medical products, dry batteries, stationery, cosmetics, disposable sanitary products, fertilizer, textiles, ceramic tiles and PVC floors, the recent test report shall be provided (within 3 months), and the validity period of test report for other products shall be extended to one year;

    (2) CE certificate or safety performance test report should be provided for electrical products;

    (3) for products belonging to the category of legal inspection, a copy of certificate replacement or release issued by CIQ, test report, health certificate and other materials shall be provided;Note that the shelf life after the port must be controlled within 75%.If not, the applicant shall arrange sampling test at the expense of the applicant.

    2. If the goods are packed with wood and plant materials, please provide the fumigation certificate or visible fumigation mark from the official or its authorized institution.

    3. Inspection and supervision must be conducted at the same time and place.If the address does not match, it is unknown or the address is changed temporarily, so that the inspection cannot be carried out in time, the applicant company/factory must make a new appointment for inspection, and our company will charge a reinspection fee at the next inspection.

    5. The applicant company/factory must arrange personnel to assist our company in the inspection. If the inspection is delayed or cannot be carried out due to unassisted inspection place, incomplete goods or other reasons caused by the applicant, the applicant company/factory will bear the cost of re-inspection or overtime.


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