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Zanzibar PVOC certification

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Introduction to Zanzibar PVoC certification

Zanzibar pre-shipment conformity assessment (PVoC) requirements are regulated by Zanzibar standards authority (ZBS).


Purpose of implementation:

(1) ensure that only products that meet the standards are imported to Zanzibar;

(2) protect the public from the impact of unqualified products that may endanger public health, safety and environment;

(3) protect local manufacturers from unfair competition from imported substandard products;

(4) prevent the dumping of unqualified goods to Zanzibar island.


Zanzibar PVoC certification control scope

Category 1: toys and sporting goods;

Category 2: electrical and electronic products;

Category 3: automobiles;

Category 4: chemicals;

Category 5: mechanical materials and fuel gas supplies;

Category 6: paper and stationery;

Category 7: furniture (wooden and metal articles);

Category 8: textile, leather, plastic and rubber products;

Category 9: safety (personal protection) equipment;

Category 10: food;

Category 11: second-hand products;

Category 12: fuel products.


List of products exempted from Zanzibar PVoC scheme

Category I: personal property and humanitarian goods;

Category 2: products from EAC member countries have been certified by the national bureau of standards;

Category 3: motor vehicles;

Category 4: goods whose FOB value does not exceed us $1000 for any mode of transport.


Zanzibar PVoC certification process

1. The materials provided by the customer include invoice & packing list, product testing report, PVOC application form;

2. Material review;

3. Arrange the inspection date after the materials are approved;

4. After passing the inspection, the customer shall provide the final commercial invoice and packing list and arrange the issuance of the certificate.

Way A - test, inspection certification

The products shipped through route A shall be tested and inspected at the same time to verify that the products meet relevant standards, key requirements or manufacturer's specifications.This certification approach applies to all products exported by traders or manufacturers as well as to all trading parties.

Route A certification procedures are listed below:

A. Exporter submits certification application form (RFC)

B.voc national office reviews certification application forms/documents

C. VoC national office assigns designated inspectors to perform field inspection

D. Perform bulk sampling test

E.voc final compliance certificate issued by the national office (CoC)

Route B - product registration, inspection and certification

Route B is a rapid certification process for products of reasonable and stable quality, which is registered by PVoC national office.This approach is particularly recommended for suppliers who frequently export similar goods.

Route B product registration and certification procedures are as follows:

A. Product registration: the exporter shall submit the product registration application form to PVoC national office, and PVoC national office shall review the registration application materials

B. Registration of product certification procedures, submission of certification application form (RFC),PVoC national office appointed designated inspectors to perform on-site inspection

C. Conduct random bulk sampling test

D. VoC final compliance certificate (CoC) issued by the national office

Route C - product registration

Route C is only applicable to manufacturers who can demonstrate implementation of the quality management system in the manufacturing process. PVoC national office reviews the production procedures and registration of the product.


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