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Kenya Pvoc Certification

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Kenya PVoC certification profile

On July 15, 2005, the ministry of trade and industry of Kenya issued a decree stipulating that for the products listed in the control list exported to Kenya, a "product conformity" certificate shall be provided at the time of customs clearance to prove that the products meet the technical standards and regulations of Kenya.

On November 15, 2008, Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS) duly authorized to implement product conformity assessment scheme (PVoC), degree of external certification of KEBS fully licensed conformity assessment certificate issued (CoC), the service in the global 18 areas were exported to Kenya Kenya bureau authorization to issue a certificate of conformity certification services.

Kenya project scope of control:

Products under control are roughly classified as follows:


Textile and clothing products

Iron and steel products

Hand tools

Building materials

Kenya PVOC certificate processing process:

1. Submit IDF, product test report (English) or factory quality system ISO + factory quality inspection report (English), packing list, proforma invoice, product picture, packaging picture and PVoC application form to DW(external certification), a third-party organization authorized by the Kenyan government.

(note: Import Declaration Form(IDF) is one of the necessary documents for batch inspection in Kenya, which is applied by Kenyan importers in local government authorities in case of determining bilateral trade.) 

2. The third party shall review the documents and arrange the inspection after it is approved. The inspection is mainly visual inspection, and the scope of inspection is whether the surface quality, quantity, packaging, marking and shipping mark of the goods conform to the Kenyan standards.(the audit data must be consistent with the bulk goods)

PVOC certification cycle in Kenya:

(1) audit time: 2-3 working days (according to product name and quantity, audit time may be extended)

(2) inspection time: according to the inspection department and customer's specific itinerary to determine the site inspection date.

(3) certification time: after the inspection, we will give the client the confirmation of the draft in 3 working days.

Kenya PVoC certificate:

1. Product, internal and external packaging label and shelf life

All labels must be in English or swahili.Made in China -- very important

Also need product model, brand, manufacturer, grade, category and other basic content

Bagged products such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. shall be marked with the quantity, production date and shelf life of each bag.Products must arrive in Kenya 75% or more of the expiration date.

2. Fake products

Even if the fake products meet the standards, they cannot obtain certificates.

3. Motorcycles

All used motorcycles must meet ks1515:2000 standard in Kenya. Some special types of vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines, are not applicable to "right-side driving" and "service life" requirements.

4. Fumigation certificate

According to the memorandum document of the Kenya plant health inspection service (kememphis) dated 27 July 2009, all products with wooden packaging made of untreated logs must be fumigated and certified before shipment.Please contact 0579 -- 85558621 15757985558(LEO)


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