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The customs union EAC certification is in the certification system on exporters of goods sold to the Customs Union Member States must consider, China Certification and summarizes the current directives and regulations customs union EAC certification and application of products.

The customs union CU-TR certification technology and regulations, which are currently in force, include the following items:

TRCU numbered product / statute effective date

TRCU 001/2011 railway vehicle safety 2014/8/2

TRCU 002/2011 high speed railway transportation safety 2014/8/2

TRCU 003/2011 railway transport infrastructure safety 2014/8/2

TRCU 004/2011 low voltage equipment safe 2013/2/15

TRCU 005/2011 wrapper safe 2012/7/1

TRCU 006/2011 fireworks safety 2012/2/15

TRCU 007/2011 for child and adolescent product safety 2012/7/1

TRCU 008/2011 toy safety 2012/7/1

TRCU 009/2011 perfume and cosmetic safety 2012/7/1

TRCU 010/2011 mechanical device security 2013/2/15

TRCU 011/2011 elevator safety 2013/2/15

Device security for TRCU 012/2011 for dangerous working environment 2013/2/15

TRCU 013/2011 automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel,

Requirements for jet fuel and heating oil 2012/12/31

TRCU 014/2011 highway / motor load safety 2015/2/15

TRCU 015/2011 food security 2013/7/1

TRCU 016/2011 device safety 2013/2/15 operating in gas fuel

TRCU 017/2011 light industrial product safety 2012/7/1

TRCU 018/2011 wheeled vehicle safety 2015/1/1

TRCU 019/2011 personal protective equipment safety 2012/6/1

Electromagnetic compatibility 2013/2/15 of TRCU 020/2011 technology equipment

TRCU 021/2011 food safety 2013/7/1

TRCU 022/2011 food tabs / label 2013/7/1

TRCU 023/2011 fruit and vegetable juice product technical regulations 2013/7/1

TRCU 024/2011 oil product technical regulations 2013/7/1

TRCU 025/2012 furniture safety 2014/7/1

TRCU 026/2012 small crafts / utensils safety 2014/2/1

TRCU 027/2012 specific type of professional food safety,

Dietary medicine and dietary preventive nutrition 2013/7/1

Safety of TRCU 028/2012 explosives and related products 2014/7/1

TRCU 029/2012 food additives, condiments and

Safety requirements for processing auxiliaries 2013/7/1

TRCU 030/2012 lubricants, Oils and special fluids requirements 2012/7/20

TRCU 031/2012 agricultural and forestry tractors and trailers safety 2015/2/15

Safety of working equipment under TRCU 032/2013 pressure environment 2014/1/5

TRCU 033/2013 milk and dairy products safety 2014/1/5

TRCU 034/2013 meat and meat products safe 2014/1/5

TRCU 035/2014 tobacco products safety 2015/5/24


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