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The Customs Union certification related information, search for "China Certification", learn more.

Belarus Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries is the important stage of the Silk Road on land, with the recent China e-commerce cross-border development, economic and trade cooperation with Central Asian countries will Chinese closer connection, electrical and electronic products is one of the economic and trade cooperation. The product of international trade cannot do without product certification, certification is Belarus Kazakhstan customs union and other Central Asian countries relatively common product certification. At present, the members of the Customs Union have developed to five, that is, the certification of the electronic and electrical customs union is applicable to the five countries.


Currently, the most commonly used certification laws of electronic and electrical customs union include low voltage equipment safety (TP TC 004/2011) and electromagnetic compatibility (TP TC 020/2011) of technology equipment. The two regulations are similar to the EU - related directives, such as the EU Rohs regulations. The electronic and electrical customs union certified products are as follows:

1. Household electrical equipment and instruments

1. cooking, food storage and kitchen utensils

2. household cloth, clothing, shoes and other finishing equipment

3. cleaning and cleaning equipment

4. maintenance and adjustment equipment for indoor air

5. health care equipment

6. care equipment for hair, nails and skin

7. heating and heating equipment for the body

8. vibration massage equipment

9. games, sports and fitness equipment

10. audio and video equipment, TV and radio receiving equipment

11. sewing and knitting equipment

12. power supply, charging equipment, voltage regulator

13. gardening equipment

14. aquarium pool and garden pond equipment

15. electric pump

16. lighting equipment and light source

17. wiring

18. extension line

Two. Personal computer

Three. A low voltage device connected to a personal computer

1. printers

2. display

3. scanner

4. uninterruptible power supply

5. active trumpet

6. multimedia projector

Four. Electric tools or portable and portable electronic devices

Five. Electronic instruments

Six. Cable, wire, wire

Seven, automatic switch, circuit breaker

Eight. Distribution equipment

Nine, electrician installation equipment


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