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Shanghai 22, September 2017 / PRNewswire / - early autumn September, Bureau Veritas (Bureau Veritas, hereinafter referred to as the "Victoria") was held in Qingdao CU-TR Customs Union certification seminar.

In the early autumn, in September, Bureau Veritas, hereinafter referred to as "Bureau", held a CU-TR customs union Certification Seminar in Qingdao. The seminar invited including China petroleum Offshore Engineering (Qingdao) Co. Ltd., Shandong Metallurgical Institute, in the East China Petroleum Institute, Kerui group, Jerry Petroleum Engineering Company Limited, CITIC Heavy Industries, Sinopec Luoyang Institute and other well-known enterprises to participate in. Victoria CU-TR Product Manager Liu Yan introduced the basic concept, customs union certification certification process and certification requirements, certification cycle, industry technical regulations and Customs Union certification and other certification, elaborated the customs union Customs Union certification system, certification requirements, the need to pay attention to the problem of the Customs Union certification, and the case analysis of share.

Bureau Veritas Qingdao customs union Certification Seminar on-site Bureau Veritas Qingdao customs union Certification Seminar site since February 15, 2013, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan into the customs union technical regulations, all belong to the customs union under the jurisdiction of the product, must apply for the CU-TR certificate or CU-TR declaration of conformity. Will set up a GOST/CUTR certification team to complete, since the formal implementation of the customs union technical regulations, such as Beijing Kasen completed the Kazakhstan cement plant project, the work of international project, the Russian cement factory Shanghai Songsen St Petersburg project, Shandong Jahwa Procter & Gamble AES electric power plant project, construction company YAMAL project such as a large number of Customs Union certification, have certification and project experience. It was established in 1828 as the top and authoritative industrial inspection and certification body in the world. In order to comply with the "The Belt and Road" strategy, best for the customer to solve the "standards and certification of the problems encountered in the customs union in the region Belt and Road Initiative" in the process of strategy implementation, in practice proved to be a "reliable" team.

About Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828, it is a global leader in testing, testing, certification and technology consulting service. By providing global leading services, it helps customers cope with increasing challenges in terms of quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility. As a trusted business partner, the innovative solutions provided by Bi Wei not only help customers meet the requirements of laws and standards, but also help customers reduce risks, improve performance and promote their sustainable development. The core value of Bi Wei is honesty, trustworthiness, objective justice, customer first and safe work. Through the global network, it has been recognized and authorized by the vast majority of countries and international organizations. At present, it has 1400 offices and laboratories and more than 69000 employees in 140 countries around the world. He entered China in 1882, and now has 110 offices and laboratories and more than 14000 professional staff.


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